Wheel Chair Consumer Purchasing Guide

Wheel Chair Consumer Purchasing Guide

Buying a wheelchair can be a difficult task. This article will help help in purchasing a wheelchair by answering frequently asked questions. Follow this informative guide will certainly make your wheelchairs buy experience easier and enlightening. Before you buy a wheelchair ask yourself.

What kind of chair do I need?

Two types of manual wheelchairs are available: Standard wheelchairs and wheelbarrows. Standard wheelchairs are usually self-service by wheelchair users, they can also be operated by a loved one or a helper. Distinguishable features of standard wheelchairs are they usually have two small wheels wheels in front of two large wheels in the back. Transport wheelchairs are a little different. Transport wheelchairs can not be operated by the user himself, which means that the user can not twist the wheels with his arms. To drive Transport wheelchairs, a person needs to be driven by a helper or lover. As for the description, wheelbarrows look different from a standard wheelchair chair, all wheels on them are less like caster wheels located on the front of a regular wheelchair.

What armrests are available?

Armrests are there to support individual arms and shoulders. Armrests are available in two lengths throughout the length and length of the desk. Desk Length arm rest is shorter and allows individuals to move around the desk, table, counter and etc. Full length armrest as the name suggests is full length.

There are many different combination types of armrests, but the standard types are: Fixed, Adjustable, Removable and Flip-Back. Fixed armrests are not adjusted, nor can they be removed. Adjustable armrests can be set to different heights for different comfort levels. Removable and rear armrests can be removed or reversed as suggested by the name, so that the individual can easily get in and out his wheelchair or to easily transfer a person in a wheelchair.

What kind of footrest or leg support do I need?

For leg support Footrests and leg supports are the two types of support available. Leg supports can lift and usually have a calf pad attached to it. With this feature, a person can raise and lower the legs, a lock feature allows the individual to lock the leg rests in comfortable height mode. Foot rest on the other hand gives the leg support in the sitting position and does not raise either. Both legrests may have a Swing-Away option. The Swing-Away options allow the leg support to move out of its natural position in front of the wheelchair chair to the side of the chair. which allows a clear path to the wheelchair chair.

These cover most of the basic aspects of buying a wheelchair. Hopefully this information will help someone to make a more informed wheelchair purchase. And hopefully save a lot of time and effort when you buy the best wheelchair that suits your needs. Good luck and I hope your shopping situation on the wheelchair is a good one.

How much does a wheelchair weigh?

When you buy a wheelchair you will see the term as a lightweight wheelchair. These must not be overlooked; An easier wheelchair can make the workload of a user or companion easier. One example is that a 20 pound wheelchair will be easier to push than a 40 pound chair, if a wheelchair would need to fit a luggage on a car or lift up stairs, a 20 pound differential will save you a lot of time and effort. People have different needs, comfort levels and budgets, so choose a chair weight that better suits your individual circumstances while keeping in mind that easier wheelchair chairs are usually easier to work with.

What is a wheelchair's weight capacity?

Bariatric Products are items that are made for individuals who have a body weight more than the average population usually between 350 and 550 pounds. Most common wheelchairs have a weight capacity of only 250 lb - 300 lb. If the wheelchair operator requires a larger chair to hold more than 300 pounds, heavy or bariatric wheelchairs are probably an item that you may want to take a look at. In the long run, a bariatric wheelchair will be more comfortable for larger individuals and less prone to weight-related crimes.

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