Is Your Office Chair Being a Pain in the Back?

Is Your Office Chair Being a Pain in the Back?

I have been through a number of chairs over the years, as I usually spend very long hours at my desk, so comfort is critical to me and Im sure you too. My offices comfort has a lot to do with my palls comfort, which I have to be all day long.

Because we sell office chairs, I am regularly asked by my shop travelers about the computers steering design and what attitude is best to sit when working long hours in a chair.

Some of these have got very high quality ergonomic tailored chairs at their offices and wonder if theres really a variation between it and your usual work chair. Some people complain about the shape of some guest or desk chairs in some offices, these people are often uncomfortable after having just sat for a short distance.

It is definitely true that some ergonomic chairs can feel much more comfortable than others. Some chairs make it easy to maintain an improved upright posture, while others can get away between you and good comfort.

However, you have to think that it is our body sitting in a chair and to increase our comfort, our interest should focus on improving our own workplace comfort and what we do with our body when we are in our chairs work hard.

So what advice can I give about attitude and everyday office chair? First, I would recommend very common, basic type patterns with quite flat and firm seat bones and with backs to not shoot your torso in any particular shape.

I would also suggest good backrest and a decent tilting mechanism for correct tilt and motion as you move on your daily tasks. But you have to take into account that you can not look at your chair as the primary solution for bad attitude. Its your attitude that needs to realize how to change and find the comfort zone.

So a quality office seat can mean different things for different individuals, some may feel better even on a traditional seat against a fantasy mask chair. Other people can never find true comfort when they sit, and esp. bigger people or people with injuries or pain, for them, this can lead to increased fatigue, pain and pain and discomfort while sitting and working all day long.

One of the most important things to look for in a high quality chair is the padding, this is something that the poor office chairs you often find at the chain stores are missing, the lower quality chairs are made of foam that may feel good when you try the chair out of the store but it begins quickly break down and compress and lose memory and after a few months it feels like youre sitting on a pallet without stuffing when the foam breaks down.

The second most important thing to look for in high quality office chairs is the seat mechanism, you want to make sure the chair is fully adjustable. A good chair will have about six to seven adjustments, with a typical low grade chair at best 3 4. Having these additional adjustments is very valuable for getting a best job position. A high quality office seat is adjusted vertically as well as horizontally, so you also have the seat link, backrest, seat slider in and outward to the backrest and the back can adjust vertically. Some chairs have additional adjustments, ie head restraint adjustment and armrest support and width adjustments. Typically, the more adjustments become more comfortable, but it does not matter if the foam is next and fall apart and becomes uncomfortable to sit on just after a few weeks of use.

Another point to overcome is that most office chairs are rated for the number of daytime hours calculated, more often than not higher grades, the more robust and quality is the chair but not always as everyone fits a chair otherwise you have to take into account your own dimensions. Talk about seating dimensions, some chairs esp. The higher end chairs will sometimes come with different size bottom seats, small, medium and large seats. If you find that almost all office chairs are either too small or too big, maybe a special big chair will give you the best comfort.

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