Choosing a Parsons Chair

Choosing a Parsons Chair

Parsons chairs come in so many appealing variations as choosing the perfect can be a little scary. This guide has been installed to help you choose parsons chairs that match your interior style. Whether you are looking for a group of parsons dining rooms or one or two chairs to be used for living room accents, this guide will guide you in the right direction.

Traditional style parsons chair

When many people visualize a traditional interior, they think of large, formal dining rooms and living rooms. A fully skirted, rich parsons chair looks really realistic. But traditional parsons chairs can be adapted for more relaxed environments as well. These patterns are timeless and elegant, rarely out of fashion. Features of traditional parson chairs are wooden legs in deep, classic finishes like cherry, walnut, mahogany and dark oak. The legs are often in the curved Queen Anne style also called cabriole legs or in the boldest Chippendale style. The chair backs are generally scrolled, crescent or camel shaped, giving them a touch more formality. Traditional parsons chairs can be completely skirted, with triple or box plates for a more advanced look.

When choosing a dress for a traditional style parsons chair, you have extensive options. Choose a fabric that complements the color scheme and the general atmosphere of the room. A sure fire idea is to pair a light fabric either solid or subtly patterned with a darker wood. Ivory, light blue or soft green are excellent choices. Traditionally designed chairs can also stand up to heavier prints and rich colors, such as large floral, rolled patterns, green greens, burgundy, dark blues and gold. Nailhead trim, braided ties and tassels are classic upholstery accents.

Contemporary Style Parsons Chair

Both modern and modern furniture emphasize functionality and architectural inspiration. The design lines are spare and slim, with little or no adornment. Parsons chairs are a natural match with these elegant and sophisticated styles. Choose a chair with straight back or easy roll back. Intricate pages are very modern and give enormous visual interest. The legs should be straight, tapered or saber style. Both the wooden legs and the legs are working well. If you want a skirted parsons chair, choose a very simple design, like a half skirt or kicker. Too many creases or ruffles will break up the sharp lines that characterize modern and modern style.

The names of todays most modern moderfashioned wooden pieces and fabrics sound good enough to eat espresso, cappuccino and chocolate. Casual modern style has come into fashion and uses lighter forests like honecolored oak. Leather is the ultimate modern fabric, especially in a rich brown, black or white. Vinyl and braid microsuede are also effective choices. Hard fabric colors are most common in modern modern style, but some discreet prints can be used. Look for simple, geometrically based patterns like wide strips and blocks. Welt banding around the seat gives extra puncture and reflects the chairs design lines.

Transitional Style Parsons Chair

Transition style has gained popularity in recent years, probably due to its extreme versatility and adaptability. It is defined as a seamless blend of traditional and modern styles. As a result, it is a safe decorative style that is very easy to integrate with an existing room interior. For a transitional pillar seat, combine a rounded top with straight wood or stuffed legs. Skirts should be simple, such as a half skirt or higpleated design. Transition style usually uses lighter woods such as fruit trees, light oak and maple. Contemporary fabric colors and patterns work best.

Tropical Style Parsons Chair

These styles, which emphasize the use of natural materials, are extremely popular in todays furniture market. Tropical furniture helps to make a home an oasis of calm, given the relaxing holiday spent on an island beach. Tropical parsons chairs are made of materials including rattan, rattan, bamboo, woven sea grass and abaca, with all its natural beauty and variations in color and texture. The dress is made in soothing shades like creams and light vegetables, or in safari, flower or palm leaf prints.

Casual Style Parsons Chair

This extensive style often contains country and cottage elements. Look for straight or tapered legs, either wood or stuffed. Easier finish like natural, numbers or white are your best bet. Almost any padding will work, provided it is not too heavy or formal. Choose between solids, plaids, simple prints, flowers and even polka dots.

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